know your words: writer’s vocab

if you're going to pick at words, it's fun to use chopsticks. 😉

So I was talking to other wattpad writers on chat and I threw in some words I figured most writers would know about such as beta and agents. In return, I get “LOL…i have no idea what you are talking about…”

It confused me. How is it someone doesn’t know what I am talking about? But then I realized I was just a freak who goes on way too many writing blogs, picking up on words others aren’t even aware of. So here’s my list of words with their definition. Hope you have fun with it, and if you have any other words you’d like to add to the list, place it in the comments!

Writer’s vocabulary (in no particular order):

MC: short for Main Character

Character: the people who is in the story

Secondary character: people who are not the main focus of the story, but helps the MC. They are characters who you know just as much as the MCs, but they don’t hold the storyline

Throw away characters: characters that don’t hold much significance but are there. EX: a waitress at a restaurant

love interest: the person the MC is in love with/ has potential to be with the MC in a romantic way

love triangle: when the girl has to pick between two guys to be with

Incest: when family members are in a romantic relationship

Shonen-Ai/Yaoi: BoyxBoy love

Shoujo- Ai/ Yuri: GirlxGirl love

foreshadow: to show or indicate beforehand, suggestive of what is to come

Telecasting: can be confused with foreshadowing, but really, instead of hinting at something to come, you are practically screaming it at your audience. (EX: Little did Mary Sue know, her life is about to chance.)

Mary Sue/ Gary Sue: characters that are all the way around perfect. A replacement of the author- someone everyone wants to be because she/he is perfect and has no problems whatsoever in getting what the character wants

Agent: a person who is hired to try and help you sell your novel to a publishing house (they do more than that, but this is the gits of it)

Work shop: conventions where authors get together and tear each others novel/chapter/story apart

Beta: someone who edits your works over the Internet. Someone you may not meet face to face, but acts pretty much like an editor

Editor: depending on the type, they are people who edit your work. They find the inconsistency of characters, find plot holes, line edit, etc. They are your best friend

MG: short for middle grade; books that are written for middle grade schoolers in mind

YA: short for young adult; books that are written for teens in mind

Rom-com: short for romantic comedy

Active voice: When the verb of a sentence is in the active voice, the subject is doing the acting. Ex: Steve loves Amy.

Passive Voice: shows action done to a person or thing Ex: Amy is loved by Steve.

CP: short for crit partner

NaNoWriMo: short for National Novel Writing Month where the goal is to write 50k words of a novel in one month (November)

Self-Published (SP/ Self-pub): books that are published, not by a publishing house, but from the authors themselves. You could usually do this through Createspace or places like LuLu

Revision: keeping what you originally have in your first draft, but changing it up a bit. You may switch the format, move scenes around, rework the dialogue, etc, but the characters and plot is pretty much the same

Edits: finding the little mistakes like grammar and spelling

Rewrites: when you completely start a-new. It’s like writing fan fiction of your own story.

Big Q: Has other names, but it stands for “The Big Question.” It’s the question that encompasses the whole book. EX: Naruto, the manga. The Big Q is whether or not Naruto is going to be the best ninja around.

I’m positive there are more words that could be added to the list. I mean, a lot of words. These are just the ones that pop into my head.

I really hope this was useful. 🙂

Do you have any more words to add to the list? Say so in the comments!