How nerve-wrecking is this?

Hi everyone!

My name is Monica, but I’m better known as Choppy- especially on Wattpad (since that’s my username) and on Fictionpress (dubbed because my actually FP username is too long to type out). For those who are readers and writers, and don’t know about those two sites I mentioned…GO TO THEM NOW. They are wonderful sites for authors to display their writings, and if used correctly, can get great feedback from the other users. And readers, the sites are great to read books that aren’t hyped up in the published world. And what better way to say “I knew that author before she got published! I’m a real fan.”

But enough about that. A little about me:

I have been writing since I was in the second grade. It wasn’t until recently that I realized romance wasn’t “my thing” and have found my true love with fantasy- which was a bit strange since the first time I wrote fantasy, all I could think of was dragons and princesses. In between studying as I wrap up my senior year of high school, watching anime (I’m actually watching EDEN OF THE EAST right now), reading mangas and the endless list of novels, running track and cross-country, acting as head editor for my yearbook class, and going crazy with the rest of my fabulous family, I’m revising my novel, A PRINCESS SUMMONING. I spent six months writing the first draft, and I’m reaching the one month mark of revisions. I plan to revise it for- oh, another three or four times, and put it through workshops and beta-readers, before sending it out and seeing how it fairs in the world. I hope to share with all of you my journey through the writing process and (hopefully) you’ll enjoy my rambles.

Really, I can’t wait to start sharing everything I know about writing and mangas/animes with all of you! And, maybe, we can become friends. I’d like that.


Currently Reading: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins; Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle by Clamp