Nook review

So I graduated a few weeks ago. And the day after I graduated, I finally became 18. And so, as a birthday/graduation present…..

My mom got me a Nook.


So I was sitting down and kinda lazy when my mom asked if I wanted to open my graduation present. “No, I don’t want to go to the car. It’s too far.”

But, when my sister came running in the house yelling “OH MY GOSH” I ran to the car. Haha. And so, this is where my review starts.

Nook Review

It was pretty easy to set up, which for me, means a lot. I’m completely computer ick, so this was really great. The instructions were simple and easy to follow. And, if you want more in-detail instructions it’s in your nook in the library > my documents > nook tour. Or library > my documents > nook user guide

You do have to set up a BN account, which was also pretty easy. just go to then, register your nook…and you’re ready to play around!

The one I have has these features: web (yup, I could go on the internet), library, shop, games (took me an hour to beat 1 sudoku game..on easy), “the daily” which is pretty much a place to check up on the new stuff happening on the nook, reading now tab, settings, and audio.

The books that come pre-in are: Dracula, Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, Dead Reckoning sample by Charlaine Harris, and The Throne of Fire sample by Rick Riordan. Not bad, considering.

On my first day I was able to upload 8 free books- it takes a while to find ones that have good reviews. It was quick and easy to do and I was able to read the books within a few minutes. Oh, with audio by the way- meaning I uploaded some of my songs onto my nook and it was GREAT being able to listen to the music while reading.

I have yet to upload my own documents, such as my draft I’m revising A Princess Summoning, but I’m looking forward to it. Your able to highlight, make notes, bookmark, “go to” specific pages, find words, look up words, change the size of the font, and did I mention you could listen to music while you’re doing all this?

Since most of us are writers/readers on here, this I’m sure is the selling point. Once I realized I could do this, I really can’t wait to start revising my story. It’ll make it, hopefully, a lot faster writing and revising my works since I don’t have to wait until I get home to do it- it’s portible.

By portible, I mean it’s super light. Like, VHS light (okay, hopefully the majority of us know what those are). Soo, okay maybe not super light like a cell phone. But it’s lighter than a computer and definitly lighter than carrying around a 500 page book.

So yeah, I like it. It’ll be good to have when I need to upload textbooks for the fall college classes. And to edit my novel. And to check facebook. And listen to music.

To sum it up:
1) it’s easy to use
2) it has pretty much everything you need
3) it’s fun and portible

Ramble: finals, studying, weight training and other exciting news

This is probably really bad of me…but I really should be studying for finals. Especially for math, since I always consider myself horrible at it…but because I’m good at hiding from my friends and family my struggles with it (they just think i complain just to complain…not that I’m struggling for real), no one is really taking my studying seriously.

Which pretty darn sucks.

But then, it’s my fault for making so many excuses. Like: I need to update my blog (heh) or I “need” to check what’s the lowest score I can get on my math final and still pass the class (that way I know how much/hard I need to study).

I bet this won’t come to any surprise by now about how excited I am that I only need ONE year of math in college and then…no more math. FOREVER. 🙂

So, anyways, studying. I actually don’t do it very often. And if I do, it’s mostly for science or history. I can never figure out how to study for math and english is easy for me.

Oh, did I tell you guys that I bench pressed 95 pounds during my weights class today? Yup. Exciting news, right there.

Oh, and that my school’s yearbook is officially out.

Oh, and that I’ll be graduating in three school days.

And, this weekend, I’m visiting a friend I haven’t seen since the 4th grade. He moved to Hawaii, and this weekend, he’s down visiting Cali. So, after years, I get to see him again!

Sooooo….yup. YAY!

I can’t wait util it’s summer vacation. GO SUMMER.

Hi, my name is Monica. And I’m a versatile blogger.

To think that after spending the whole day volunteering all day at KidsFest, waving signs while dancing to Lady GaGa with my friends, and braving the cold and rain to see the dance class I used to be in perform, to see that I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by Sonia? Pretty awesome stuff.

So here’s the deal: after checking out Sonia’s blog, I realized there are two things I need to do to accept this award:

1) admit 7 random things about myself
2) pick 5 other people to give this award to.

So…okie doki. Here I go then. 🙂

Seven Random Things About Me

1) I think it’s fun to use pick up lines on my friends. Just because it’s funny to see their reaction. And because when I do it, it’s pretty realistic (I still get embaressed after saying the lines; I’m blushing like mad) so my friends are forever flustered by what I say.
2) I like to carry around my big stuff animal to track events. It sort of became the team mascot between my friends, since it’s green and yellow (my school’s colors). It’s so ugly, it’s kind of cute.
3) I’m graduating high school as a 17 year old. In a week. BOOYA.
4) I’m often told I look like a middle school kid without my glasses, but when I DO wear my glasses, I look like an english major college student.
5) I’m pretty innocent. My sister tricked me once in the car, saying the car isn’t heating up because all the heat was defrosting the windows…in which case I touched the windows to see if it was true. She was laughing like crazy in the back seat.
6) I have no sense of directions. A bad thing when I’m running out of time and really need to meet up with someone. A good thing when I’m by myself and want to explore the world around me.
7) I have a pet elephant. Ok…not a real one. It’s this really big stuffed animal one that I got at a garage sale. It’s really cute and I’m able to sit on it which makes for an epic time when reaching homework deadlines.

Okay…I don’t know if that’s random or not, but there you go!

Now for the nomination of other blogs for the Versatile Blogger Award:

I haven’t been around in the blogging world for very long, but here are the people I talk to/stalk that are amazing (not all are writing blogs). 🙂



YA Highway


the strangest situation

authors versus teachers


  Before I get to my whole sha-bang, let me tell you guys something exciting:

I’m in my senior year of high school. Graduating in less than a month. And not only that, but I’ll be graduating as a 17 year old. (Forget about the fact that my birthday is the day after graduation- I’ll still be 17 when I walk the stage which just makes me feel so smart.)

Ahem. So, with that out of the way…being an almost-adult here and have been writing since the second grade, I thought I’ll share a ramble on writing. Like…the picture above.

Within my twelve years of school, you know how many times I’ve been asked that type of question/ been told to me by an English teacher? A Gazillion of times. I bet you have too.

And frankly, as a writer, I’m pretty sure, most of the time, the reasoning behind the blue curtains, isn’t what the teacher is saying. Because heck, in my writing, I tend to pick colors I like and that seem to fit the mood of the story. But I don’t get that in depth. Maybe sometimes- because as a writer, when I make something symbolic like that work with the storyline, I feel pretty darn impressed. But really? Nah.

Yeah, I’m digressing here, but I figured before I totally lose you, here’s my little fun writing question for you all:

Do you believe/tend to write like “the teacher” or “the author” more? Why? As a writer yourself, do you also get annoyed/amused/frustrated when teachers go in depth about something that seems like the picture above?

Lets get physical

That's actually my date for senior ball (he's a freshman) putting the corsage on me

I’m sure you have all seen something like this before:

A whisper in the main character’s ear from her crush-sure, he may just be that close to the main character (let’s call her Jenny) because the room was too loud otherwise to hear each other, but who cares? His sweet breath is tingling her cheeks. She could feel his body heat, hot and sticky. Jenny’s heart feels as if it’s going to explode.

Yeah. I’ve seen it. Or some sort of variation of it-a close one to “the whispers” is “the hug greeting” (in which case you could actually feel your crush’s chest rising up and down as he breaths). And I have to admit, people think like that when they are near their crush. A rush. Definitely.

And this is me not bashing it. That’s right. Those examples up there? I love them if done right. It’s a good way to get the characters to realize their feelings and to get close.

If anything, this is me giving more ways to get your characters closer. Like, really close. And hey! You just might want to try this out too. 🙂

Five ways to get physical:

1) Telephone

An innocent game. Similar to “the whispers.” This is a great game to play with a big group of friends. Of course, this is a bit different from “the whispers.” Because this game tends to get naughty (people mishear what was said and the words that are supposed to be passed along changes to more inappropriate phrases) your crush that’s next to you might not only whisper in your ear, but you might also get to hear his laughter…up close.

How to play: Everyone sits in a circle. Some one starts by whispering whatever they want in the person next to them, ears. It goes around the group. When you come to the last person, s/he announces what he believes the first person had said.

2) Hand games

Another innocent game. Well, depending on what type of hand game you play. But in general? Good way to get close to your crush. (And I’m talking about those children hand games like “Miss Mary Mack.” I know some people might take the wordings in a wrong way, so this is just to clarify.) It shows playfulness. Plus, that hand you always wondered about (is it smooth? Rough? How big is his hand compared to mine?), you can finally touch it without being weird.

How to play: Depends on the hand game. Basically, it’s different hand movements.

 3) The backseat

Not everyone can drive. And what irritates me a lot when reading YA is when a character is obviously not old enough to drive, drives. But if your friends can and you’re allowed to hitch a ride from them, the backseat is the way to go. Especially when the car is packed. Snag a seat next to your crush and not only would your legs be bumping into each other, but you may just have that awkward sweet moment when the both of you start blushing like mad as you both blurt “I’m sorry!” But, instead of you trying to separate, he holds you closer because “he’s trying to be a man” and would rather you be hugging him than the friend that’s on the other side of you.

4) Twister

A lil’ more advance here. But what better why to get physical? A little bit of hugging and awkward positions. But hey! You might end up this close to his face as you stare at each other from your position. And you might even crash into each other, so you can have the aww moment like this:

not so much as "Aww" but that game of twister was so much fun.

How to play: Spin the spinner. Follow directions. Nuff said.

But wait! We’re not done yet. One more, guys. And this one is fun. Trust me.

5) Lap Tag

If you haven’t played this game, do it now. It’s super fun.

How to play: there’s two circles. The inner circle and the outer circle. Everyone but one person is paired with an outer and inner person. For example: person A is outside, person B is inside. C is out, D is in. Person E is alone. B sits in front of A. And D sits in front of C. E is still alone.

You can have as many people to play, but it has to be an odd number since one person can’t have a partner. When E calls out two people who’s in the inner circle (in this case B and D), the inner people would try to tag E’s lap. BUT, the outer people would try to hold them back. Whoever gets to leave their partner wins, and it kinda goes on and on like so. If the person “keeps” their partner, then they switch places and now A is in the inside while B is on the outside.

Confusing? It’s not. It’s just hard to explain. Check out youtube. There bound to be a video on there.

So you could see how this could be very physical. I knew some of my guy friends who used this game as a way to hug his crush, hold him back, and to get the feeling of being held back and wanted from her. Plus, you could get into really sketchy positions that if done elsewhere, you’ll get strange looks (but because this is a game, it’s pretty normal to get into). It’s kind of sexy though, too, and fun to watch. Especially when you see your friend pin a guy down and sitting on top of him. RAWR.

Warning: It’s a pretty violent game. You’re clinging, wrapping your legs around your partner, and there can be times where you can’t breath since your partner is holding onto you so tight. There’s hair pulling, biting,veins popping, bruising, ripped jeans, pants getting pulled off, ect. If you’re a weak person, you’ll probably cry (or if you’re like me, you’ll get injured to the point where you’ll have to take a few days off of track because of the intensity of the game).

So, sounds like fun, right? Really, these are great way to get your characters of your novel close to each other in a physical manner without being too awkward and in ways that you normally wouldn’t see in YA novels (or any novels for that matter, so far I’ve seen. Though, it would be interesting to read). Frankly, I play all these game- played lap tag a few days ago actually with a group of friends. And can I say “intense.”

How do you have your characters get close to each other in a physical manner? Any unique ways?

How nerve-wrecking is this?

Hi everyone!

My name is Monica, but I’m better known as Choppy- especially on Wattpad (since that’s my username) and on Fictionpress (dubbed because my actually FP username is too long to type out). For those who are readers and writers, and don’t know about those two sites I mentioned…GO TO THEM NOW. They are wonderful sites for authors to display their writings, and if used correctly, can get great feedback from the other users. And readers, the sites are great to read books that aren’t hyped up in the published world. And what better way to say “I knew that author before she got published! I’m a real fan.”

But enough about that. A little about me:

I have been writing since I was in the second grade. It wasn’t until recently that I realized romance wasn’t “my thing” and have found my true love with fantasy- which was a bit strange since the first time I wrote fantasy, all I could think of was dragons and princesses. In between studying as I wrap up my senior year of high school, watching anime (I’m actually watching EDEN OF THE EAST right now), reading mangas and the endless list of novels, running track and cross-country, acting as head editor for my yearbook class, and going crazy with the rest of my fabulous family, I’m revising my novel, A PRINCESS SUMMONING. I spent six months writing the first draft, and I’m reaching the one month mark of revisions. I plan to revise it for- oh, another three or four times, and put it through workshops and beta-readers, before sending it out and seeing how it fairs in the world. I hope to share with all of you my journey through the writing process and (hopefully) you’ll enjoy my rambles.

Really, I can’t wait to start sharing everything I know about writing and mangas/animes with all of you! And, maybe, we can become friends. I’d like that.


Currently Reading: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins; Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle by Clamp