How this can help you

Writing is hard. Really hard.
Can’t remember how to structure an essay?
How about that paragraph?
Oh gosh…a THESIS!
Or maybe you’re stuck on those tinier, peskier problems like grammar – like that time the teacher is still marking that sentence as grammatically incorrect even though you have the grammar book in front of you saying you structured it correctly.

Maybe this blog will help.

I’m Monica Nguyen, a junior at UC Davis, California. I love English, though admittedly, it can be difficult to grasp at times. Working as an English tutor taught me that it isn’t the students fault for being so frustrated when faced with an essay or a creative writing assignment. We’re human – sometimes we forget things and was never taught how. Other times, there are so many ways to make a sentence, that somehow learning all is just impossible (not true. It just takes some time to remember and put it into practice. It’s just annoying).

By making this blog, I hope to help those who need help on those problems without running off to buy a grammar book or hiring an editor. With this, you should have the starting blocks to be able to write an essay and a creative story that deserves nothing less than a passing grade.

Worksheets taken from the English Learning Center at Diablo Valley Community College

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