Nook review

So I graduated a few weeks ago. And the day after I graduated, I finally became 18. And so, as a birthday/graduation present…..

My mom got me a Nook.


So I was sitting down and kinda lazy when my mom asked if I wanted to open my graduation present. “No, I don’t want to go to the car. It’s too far.”

But, when my sister came running in the house yelling “OH MY GOSH” I ran to the car. Haha. And so, this is where my review starts.

Nook Review

It was pretty easy to set up, which for me, means a lot. I’m completely computer ick, so this was really great. The instructions were simple and easy to follow. And, if you want more in-detail instructions it’s in your nook in the library > my documents > nook tour. Or library > my documents > nook user guide

You do have to set up a BN account, which was also pretty easy. just go to then, register your nook…and you’re ready to play around!

The one I have has these features: web (yup, I could go on the internet), library, shop, games (took me an hour to beat 1 sudoku game..on easy), “the daily” which is pretty much a place to check up on the new stuff happening on the nook, reading now tab, settings, and audio.

The books that come pre-in are: Dracula, Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, Dead Reckoning sample by Charlaine Harris, and The Throne of Fire sample by Rick Riordan. Not bad, considering.

On my first day I was able to upload 8 free books- it takes a while to find ones that have good reviews. It was quick and easy to do and I was able to read the books within a few minutes. Oh, with audio by the way- meaning I uploaded some of my songs onto my nook and it was GREAT being able to listen to the music while reading.

I have yet to upload my own documents, such as my draft I’m revising A Princess Summoning, but I’m looking forward to it. Your able to highlight, make notes, bookmark, “go to” specific pages, find words, look up words, change the size of the font, and did I mention you could listen to music while you’re doing all this?

Since most of us are writers/readers on here, this I’m sure is the selling point. Once I realized I could do this, I really can’t wait to start revising my story. It’ll make it, hopefully, a lot faster writing and revising my works since I don’t have to wait until I get home to do it- it’s portible.

By portible, I mean it’s super light. Like, VHS light (okay, hopefully the majority of us know what those are). Soo, okay maybe not super light like a cell phone. But it’s lighter than a computer and definitly lighter than carrying around a 500 page book.

So yeah, I like it. It’ll be good to have when I need to upload textbooks for the fall college classes. And to edit my novel. And to check facebook. And listen to music.

To sum it up:
1) it’s easy to use
2) it has pretty much everything you need
3) it’s fun and portible


So it’s official!!!! Yesturday was my graduation. I am now…well, not a college student yet, not until the fall, but neither am I a high school student anymore. It’s a bit strange. Even stranger, it’s my birthday today. So the day I graduated was the last time I was a 17 year old. I stopped being a high school student and became a real adult at pretty much the same time. It was like the universe was telling me I was ready to make a difference.

But then, I don’t feel any different. In fact, today is like any other day (except that my facebook is getting filled with birthday wishes and graduation pictures).

So, since I have time since I’m forbidden from going to my school as my underclassmen are taking their last day of finals, I thought I’ll share my graduation with all of you.

Lets start with…the graduation practice (this post might be jumpy). I barely made it on time, which was good because if you don’t show up…well, you can’t walk the stage later that day. It was funny though. A friend of mine won the award “most likely to be late to graduation” as a senior award…and she was 15 minutes late to the graduation practice. Our Vice Principal was using her mic to call out her name to make sure she was there…and was getting awfully worried when my friend didn’t show up. Haha. 🙂

Then I had Panda Express with my friends for lunch. Which was nice considering it wasn’t the WHOLE group of friends…but just the four of us close friends. My friend Mario and i are going to the same community collge (same some moolah) and are probably going to the same UC afterwards so we know we’re still going to stick together. But my other two friends are going straight into UC schools- one got a full ride to UC Merced, and my other friend is aiming to be a doctor at UC LA. So yeah, probably the last lunch we’ll have together.

Then I came home to this:

my sister decided to carry me

And this:

showing off our muscles

And then transformed to this:

Don't I look so grown up? 🙂

Backstage, I waited an hour so I won’t be late for graduation. I had an awesome cap:

My cap. I actually messed up the first time...luckily i had an extra cap

but my friends’ were pretty cool looking too. One had an arrow sticking out pointing to her, another had a clown on her hat (which was perfect since she’s such a clown), another had a pokeball (cuz she’s asian like that! lol).

That hour of waiting went on super fast. When I heard the music I reached for my friend’s hand. We held on super tight with held breaths. I had butterflies in my stomach. My friend in front of me during the walk twisted her ankle though because she was wearing these REALLY HIGH high heels. So warning girls: don’t wear such high heels. They are not fun.

Then the ceremony went by fast. I felt like crying, but as soon as I felt the tears coming, the speech became funny. I love my c/o 2011.

Then…it was over.

And now it’s today and I’m 18.

If you guys want to hear more, I could go in more details. But i figured you probably don’t and would rather just see pictures. So here you go!

I feel so loved by my family!

Ramble: finals, studying, weight training and other exciting news

This is probably really bad of me…but I really should be studying for finals. Especially for math, since I always consider myself horrible at it…but because I’m good at hiding from my friends and family my struggles with it (they just think i complain just to complain…not that I’m struggling for real), no one is really taking my studying seriously.

Which pretty darn sucks.

But then, it’s my fault for making so many excuses. Like: I need to update my blog (heh) or I “need” to check what’s the lowest score I can get on my math final and still pass the class (that way I know how much/hard I need to study).

I bet this won’t come to any surprise by now about how excited I am that I only need ONE year of math in college and then…no more math. FOREVER. 🙂

So, anyways, studying. I actually don’t do it very often. And if I do, it’s mostly for science or history. I can never figure out how to study for math and english is easy for me.

Oh, did I tell you guys that I bench pressed 95 pounds during my weights class today? Yup. Exciting news, right there.

Oh, and that my school’s yearbook is officially out.

Oh, and that I’ll be graduating in three school days.

And, this weekend, I’m visiting a friend I haven’t seen since the 4th grade. He moved to Hawaii, and this weekend, he’s down visiting Cali. So, after years, I get to see him again!

Sooooo….yup. YAY!

I can’t wait util it’s summer vacation. GO SUMMER.